Name Glossary

KINGDOM OF KRENGSRA, a mighty southern kingdom

Lenh, the royal capital of Sra

The Great River, the sacred river that runs through much of southern Sra and Khonua

Hans Waters, a major tributary of the Great River

Grui River, a major river running along the northern border of Sra and through Khonua

Gnauk, southeastern marshland region along the Great River, the traditional domain of younger princes of Mieh

Anrunh, site of a disastrous battle between Sra and Cziens during Glonh’s reign

Lonpha, site of a battle between Sra and Khonua in the first year of Klanh’s reign

Dranpan, site of a bloody battle between Sra and Cziens in the third year of Klanh’s reign, where Sra met with decisive defeat

Kiep, an unfortified northern town, not far from the plains of Dranpan

Royal House of Mieh (see family tree)

- the late King Klanh the Peaceful (Mieh Hiomtau), the eldest of five brothers

- Mieh Hiomwran, Klanh’s son and heir, strangled in his sickbed

- Hiomgran (Mieh Hiomwei), second brother and Steward of the Realm, who has usurped the throne

- Czekar (Mieh Hiompieh), third brother and Chancellor of the Right

- Czesiek (Hiom Mukkuen), fourth brother, Royal Stablemaster and Lord Governor of Gnauk

- Hiom Khesjit, the youngest of five brothers, of an age with Wran

Rathai, Mukkuen’s older sister

Naslin, a young servant

Prak Turei, the Prime Minister, originally from rival state Cziens

Czehak (Prak Khrakor), the Prime Minister’s cautious son and a Senior Officer of the kingdom

Kuizprak, the Prime Minister’s daughter, a certain Lady Nrais

Gna Kra, a sentimental but conscientious and faithful Senior Officer

Slin Mawah, the no-nonsense Harvestmaster

Slin Gwe, his son

Clan Nrais, a subordinate branch of the house of Mieh

Czellans, the Chancellor of the Left, whose talent has long been overlooked

Nrais Liaks, a Senior Officer of the kingdom

Nrais Slat, a general of the kingdom

Clan Khut, a subordinate branch of the house of Mieh

Khut Llans, the current Maknau, “Wild Dog,” a hereditary post of the Khuts

Khut Lhin, son of Khut Llans, a Senior Officer of the kingdom

Khut Srienh, son of a previous Steward of the Realm

Clan Toks, a subordinate branch of the house of Mieh, once influential but now in decline

Toks Wuikrua, a wise Senior Officer of the state

Czegre (Mans Dennan), his greedy son

STATE OF CZIENS, a vast, powerful state of the Tu dynasty, northern neighbors and longstanding rivals of Sra

High Lord Muwn the Cultured, the second to be acknowledged as Hegemon in the history of Tu

the late High Lord Dawks the Mourned (Ke Tiu), acknowledged as Hegemon at age 25

Ke Priu, current High Lord

Ke Lei, Ke Priu’s sickly son and heir

STATE OF DRENH, another, smaller state of the Tu dynasty north of Sra and east of Cziens, once powerful but now of waning influence

Minister Czeshren, an elderly but still highly influential statesman, a pragmatist with no patience for superstition

RIVERLANDS OF AWAT, a barbaric region to the southeast of Sra

Aoka, a boatman

Khobishne, a village chief

Makabis, Aoka’s mother, whereabouts unknown

Palhem, an ambitious Speaker

Luendang, Palhem’s grumpy son, next in line to take the reeds

Dangdukais, an easygoing officer of the Speaker’s “court”

Rangmun, a villager

KINGDOM OF KHONUA, a semi-barbaric upstart kingdom east of Sra and north of Awat, formerly a vassal state of Tu

Dumenh, who named himself King instead of Holdmaster, deceased

Tabhan, Dumenh’s son and king after him, killed in battle

Lazsas, Dumenh’s second son, king after Tabhan, killed by an Awat captive

Lamazs, Lazsas’s younger twin brother and the current king

Kuistrut of Nua, Dumenh’s youngest son, an internationally respected diplomat

Kuozslu, snarky younger half brother of Dumenh’s sons

Dhuktan, Lazsas’s widowed daughter

STATES OF THA, THRIN, AND SLAZ, weaker states listed east to west, wedged between Sra to the south and Drenh to the northwest, pawns in the power struggles of their neighbors

Trawnua, a deeply loyal and dignified officer of Slaz

Czenog (Kwar Zlons), a cynical diviner, originally of Sra, now working for Trawnua

STATE OF ZHAE, powerful but distant northeastern state of Tu

High Lord Ghuar the Pillar, the first to be acknowledged as Hegemon in the history of Tu

Minister Krans, a widely respected elder statesman renowned for his sharp wit and short stature

STATE OF ZHIN, harsh frontier state northwest of Sra

CHIEFDOM OF PRA, barbarian lands west of Sra


Banka, the Ancient One

Buknai the Patriarch, who read the fates of the world

Nanue the Restorer, who patched the walls of Heaven

Tuklum, the Lord of Fire, from whom the house of Mieh claims descent

The Golden Bear, the founding mother of Mieh

Siuns, the first of the Sage Kings

Hero Wa, who moved the hills and conquered the rivers, then founded the Age of Gra

Kuon, “Lord Blackfish,” the disgraced father of Wa

Krulhors, a legendary sword of Awat, one of a twinned pair

Graklhors, a legendary sword of Awat, one of a twinned pair

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