Book II: Black Tortoise, White Snake

The High King of Tu is dead after a brief seven-year reign. Now the barbarian tribes of the north threaten invasion.

Haunted by her failures but determined to fulfill her mistress's final request, the swordswoman Ashne makes her way north as well, where she finds the noble houses of the powerful state Zhae locked in a struggle for dominance despite the enemies at their doorstep. Soon, Ashne is drawn against her will into the plotting of a cheeky but cunning young noblewoman with questionable motives, and a cold but charismatic prince who possesses a striking resemblance to a man she once knew...

To complete her mission, Ashne must journey into the wilderness beyond to seek the roots of a dark, ancient magic among the legends of the so-called barbarians. And quickly. Before the skirmishes between Zhae and the tribes escalate to full-blown war. Before her failures catch up to her in the form of an old friend seeking vengeance.

The cast of The Ghost Tiger's Lament returns in a tale of diplomacy, magic, and court intrigue.

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

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